Mindfulness, Yoga and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Retreat

The Island of Gozo, Malta   (Holiday ref: AH130119)
7 days / 6 nights, 395 pounds sterling

Our ‘REVIVE’ retreat has been carefully designed to provide a unique integration of methods that can support your movement toward an awakened mind, relaxed body and a more open-hearted life.

Mindfulness Retreat: Malta Our ‘REVIVE’ retreat has been carefully designed to provide a unique integration of methods that can support your movement toward an awakened mind, relaxed body and a more open-hearted life.

In addition to structured teaching sessions in modern approaches to mindfulness, we have incorporated yoga and ancient Hawaiian rituals which encourage a free flow of energy in your body. This retreat will equip you with the skills you need to be fully present and at peace with yourself in your day to day life.

The beautiful setting of the island of Gozo provides a peaceful and unspoilt backdrop for our five night retreat in luxurious accommodation. This retreat is suitable for all, whatever your level of experience in mindfulness techniques or yoga.

Why Retreat?
Retreat is an opportunity to step out of the complexity of your life and embrace new tools that will enable you to live more mindfully, with greater ease and self-kindness. This retreat will combine the fertile atmosphere of Gozitan silence with time for meditation and walks in nature, supported by systematic instructions and mindfulness and movement sessions. Our aim is to support you in living with an alert yet calm mind and open heart through profoundly relaxing sound bath, Lomi Lomi massage and Hawaiian rituals at some of the most ancient locations on the island.

Retreat Features

  • Systematic instructions and careful guidance in mindfulness
  • Mindful yoga and Pilates sessions
  • Lomi Lomi massage, activities and Hawaiian rituals in nature
  • Three healthy meals a day and unlimited snacks (vegetarian and some seafood)
  • Community living, periods of working meditation and involvement in preparation of meals
  • Amazing sound bath experience
  • Periods of silence to deepen one’s practice of mindfulness
  • Guided walks and expedition around the island
  • Access to private pools, sauna and jacuzzi

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Why Mindfulness?
Through different mindfulness and movement practices you will experience first-hand the impact that developing awareness can have on your mind and body. You will be introduced to a range of skills to help you be more embodied, calm and responsive and less controlled by worry or constant mental chatter. You will learn new tools to help you build your resilience to physical and emotional pain, whether expressed through anxiety, fear or depression.

Why Hawaiian?
The master healers of old Hawaii knew that there were special ways to access the powers of the body so that physical, emotional and mental healing would take place more quickly and completely. Hawaiian culture and traditions were isolated for a long time but now we have access to the their ancient wisdom and healing tools. Listening to our own bodies is emphasised to become aware of how bodies not only hold on to but also release blocks. Hence, a lot of our time together will include exercises that encourage a free flow of energy in our bodies. Some of the most healing methods, such as Lomi Lomi Nui, Hula movement and other forms of body work, and chants and morning meditation can be powerful ways of tapping into our own healing resources. As these rituals are learned and practiced you will notice an increase in your focus, relaxation, presence, non-judgment and flexibility, and all the while we have a lot of fun too!

Why Lomi Lomi?
Lomi Lomi is a powerful form of massage where we touch not only the physical but also the emotional body and work with the subtle energies and emotions that influence the physical body. Its techniques differ from Western massage through application of forearm movements and stretch techniques. The massage goes as deep as the recipient can tolerate and it can be very powerful. Hawaiians believe that negative energy can cause blockages in your ‘mana’ (life force or spiritual vitality). These blockages can become trapped in joints, so various stretches and rotations are performed during the massage to ‘release’ these negative energies. The massage is fluid, rhythmical, communicative and nurturing which evokes trust with the recipient.

Optional Activity: Lomi Lomi Massage
In this powerful form of massage we touch not only the physical but also the emotional body and work with the subtle energies and emotions that influence it. Those participants who are interested in experiencing some extra comfort and soothing might be interested in having a 2-hour Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi at £70. Special Mother's Day offer: this 2-hour massage will be offered at £25 to any participants who are mothers. And if this retreat is purchased as a gift for your mother, she will get the massage free of charge.

You will learn to:

  • Practice mindfulness formally and in your daily life
  • Cultivate the attitudes of mind that incline you toward compassionate engagement with the world
  • Handle emotions and challenging situations with greater ease
  • Be more embodied and connected to yourself and the world around you
  • Develop the body uniformly and restore physical vitality
  • Support yourself at times of difficulty or failure
  • Take steps towards appreciating yourself
  • Be less judgemental of yourself and others
  • Work with emotions skillfully in a body-oriented way
  • To be kind to yourself instead of wishing things were different all the time, or driving yourself to meet impossible goals


Dates and Prices

Retreat Dates

Tuesday 21st March (4pm) to Sunday 26th March 2017 (12:00pm)


Retreat Fee


  • Shared room (2 people per room): £99 per night (£495)
  • Single occupancy: £131 per night (£655)
  • Reduced fee places at £395 are offered to people with their own accommodation arrangements in Gozo
  • One reduced place at £395 is available to a person who is willing to offer extra support in the preparation of meals and some organisational tasks

10% discount for couples and other bookings in twos.

If finance is problematic at the moment and you feel you would benefit from participating in this retreat, please get in touch. We are committed to offering this retreat to those who need it.

The fee includes: accommodation for 6 nights, daily mindfulness tuition and practice sessions, activities and Hawaiian rituals in nature, sound bath session, 3 delicious meals a day and unlimited snacks and drinks. Participants are expected to arrange their own flights.


This retreat will be facilitated by Luka Hadrych who will teach mindfulness and compassion-based approaches. He will be supported by Magdalena Jokiel, who is a physiotherapist by background and currently practices as a Lomi Lomi practitioner and teacher of Hawaiian life philosophy. Dorota Los will be guiding our daily yoga and Pilates sessions.

Other activities
Gozo is known as a great destination for nature walks, hiking, snorkeling, diving and trips to the beach or cliffs. You can also visit one of its impressive churches, local markets, or wine farms. We can also recommend a local massage therapist for those who are interested. There are plenty of options and some of our past retreatants were happy to arrive in Gozo a few days before the retreat or stay on afterwards.

Cancellation policy
In the event that you need to cancel your place, please let us know as soon as possible. Deposits are non-refundable, however, your place can be transferable. A place is reserved only when the £200 deposit is received. We reserve the right to make alternations to our events should the need arise.

We request that a non-refundable deposit of £200 is paid at the time of booking. The rest of the amount is due a month before the retreat.



Retreat Location
This retreat will take place in the middle of the Mediterranean sea on the island of Gozo in the village of Ghammar. Gozo, which means ‘joy’, is the second largest island of the Maltese Archipelago and is an ideal location for those who treasure a slow, relaxed rhythm of life and cherish being close to the sea. You are bound to enjoy the bright blue skies and crystal-clear sea, the unique coastal landscape and unspoilt countryside.

How to Get Here
Fly in to Malta International Airport (flights are between £85 and £130). There is a direct bus X1 (€2), coaches and taxis, that will take you from the airport directly to the Gozo Ferry Terminal. It takes 20 minutes to cross to Gozo. You only pay for the ferry when you leave the island (€4.50). Taxi to the farmhouse is around €17. We can also organise a direct transfer from the airport to the retreat venue.

Retreat Accommodation
We will be staying in the Hamlet Dream, a luxurious farmhouse in the village of Ghammar near Ghasri in Gozo. It is an exclusive property finished to very high specifications, enjoying breathtaking unobstructed countryside views and the facilities of a communal sauna, gym, Jacuzzi and swimming pools. There are both twin bedrooms with en-­suites and double bedrooms available for couples if preferred.

“This retreat was a great balance between teaching sessions, practice and spending time in nature. I really enjoyed exploring the island and being introduced to the non-touristy places of Gozo. The bon?re in the cave overlooking the bay was such a treat. Loved it” ~ Sean


“Great food, comfortable accommodation, amazing people. Luka knows his subject matter very well and I’ve learnt a lot of tips that I’ve continued to practice daily since. And thank you to Dorota for showing me how to stretch my old bones!” ~ Martha


“I thought I was pretty bad at yoga and Pilates but since the retreat I’ve gained a lot of con?dence to establish my (almost daily) practice. My days are now ?lled with new routines that engage both my body and the mind. Thank you for showing me how deeply they are connected” ~ Anna


“Thank you for introducing me to self-compassion. It’s stayed with me ever since” ~ Martin “I’m really grateful to my daughter for bringing me to this sweet little island and to your retreat. My mind, body and spirit are still nourished by the practices and moments of connecting with you all. Hope to see again soon” ~ Pauline

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