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"An adult who cycles regularly will typically have a level of fitness equivalent to being 10 years younger."
Source - Tuxworth, B. 1986, Quality control. Sport and Leisure

Biking in the Mountains of Alicante - Enjoy stunning viewsAll over Europe, for many years now, cycling has been a source of transport, sport and recreation. It seems that this mode of transport will continue to grow across the globe. The Netherlands lead the highest population who use cycling as a mode of transport followed closely by Hungary and Demark.

More and more people of ALL ages, not only use their bikes for getting around, they also pursue cycling as a sport on mountains or on the road, or they venture on tailor made cycling holidays. These holidays range from extreme mountain biking vacations to self guided leisure cycling breaks to marathon excursion journeys depending on the individual or groups.

It seems that we have an insatiable appetite to be active when on holiday and cycling is one of the top categories of activity holidays all over the world.

"Countries with the highest levels of cycling and walking generally have the lowest obesity rates."
Source – Bassett, Jr., et al., 2008, Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Alentejo Coast Cycle Holiday in Portugal - A very happy cyclist on holiday in PortugalWith over 23 million bicycles in the UK alone, the trend of cycling is growing and will continue to do so – this is why so many holiday operators are offering a wide assortment of cycling based breaks.

On Awaken Holidays website we feature cycling holidays based in Spain, Mallorca, Portugal, France and Morocco all ranging in types of excursion, scenery and package.

So why go on a cycling holiday?

Many of the benefits of enjoying a cycling holiday have been proven over the years. You will sleep more deeply, look younger, increase your brain power, ward off illness, live longer, save the planet, spend some quality time with people you love and generally feel happy

Don’t delay in booking that cycling holiday today and feel the benefits immediately!

Cycle Holidays on Awaken Holidays

Look at our great range of biking and cycling holiday and vacations on Awaken Holidays. There are sure to be many more being added soon so look at our latest choice of cycling holidays here too: Cycle Vacations on Awaken Holidays

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