Calling all chefs – Improve your culinary skills on a Cooking Holiday!

Who doesn’t like eating? Food is not only essential to our survival, but a well prepared meal can give us immense pleasure as well.

It is scientifically proven that when we eat, reward mechanisms like the hormone ghrelin are being triggered, which is why enjoy our food so much. So if eating is a favourite past time of yours, why not spend your holiday enjoying delicious food and learning new recipes to share with your friends and family?


Cooking Holidays on Awaken Holidays


There are many reasons why you should embark on a cooking holiday. The most obvious one is the amazing food, but you shouldn’t miss the adventurous side of it. During a cooking holiday, you actually get to travel and explore new places through their cuisine. You may not believe how much you can learn about a country’s culture by exploring what the natives favourite dishes are. Not only that, but you will also learn how to prepare a lot of the meals yourself, so you can take this cultural richness back home with you and enjoy it whenever you want. Furthermore, a cooking holiday is not only about cooking – you will get plenty of time to actually enjoy your delicious masterpieces.

Staying on the adventurous point, during an organized holiday you get to meet a lot of like-minded people. Of course you probably love your own group of friends, but isn’t it nice to meet someone new every now and then? The holidays are organized so as to accommodate small friendly groups where you can really get to know the others and create lifelong friendships. Not only that, but because of the international nature of the holidays, it is highly likely that you meet people from around the world and thus get to know more about their country, culture, and cuisine.

A cooking holiday is a great way to visit a new place without having to worry about things like accommodation, language, and transportation. All this is attentively organized for you, so that you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay to the fullest. The places where the holidays are held are carefully chosen and offer some stunning views and exciting venues. During your holiday, you will get plenty of free time to relax and enjoy yourself as well as to explore the setting around.

Lastly, you can choose to go on a combined holiday (such as cooking and yoga for example) which perfectly combines healthy eating and healthy exercise. However, if you like healthy food, but do not want to go on a cooking holiday, let us assure you that all of the yoga, Pilates, fitness and other retreats on Awaken Holidays serve healthy food. The ingredients provided for each holiday are carefully chosen, so as to be fresh and nutritious, thus promoting a healthy diet. After all, we believe in the motto “good food, good life”.

Cooking Holidays on Awaken Holidays

Many of our cooking holidays are in Italy, but we also have cooking holidays in Spain, India and France. You can view our full choice of cooking holidays by clicking here: Cooking Holidays from around the World