Bootcamp Retreats – Energize your holidays!

Bootcamp Holidays - Fun and Fitness to improve your health!


Holidays are for resting… or are they? Different people like their holidays in different ways, and on Awaken Holidays we offer Bootcamp Retreats that will let you enjoy yourself, relax, and get fit throughout the time that you are away. Imagine a week spent out in the open, enjoying the clean fresh air, and gradually feeling more and more energized and beautiful. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let’s rid ourselves from some common misconceptions. A bootcamp retreat is not the same as a bootcamp in the typical sense of the word. On a bootcamp holiday, you often get to stay in a luxurious hotel or guest house, you eat healthily without starving yourself, and you train enough to feel energized and fit, which doesn’t mean getting yourself out of breath or driving yourself to injury.

A great thing about bootcamp holidays is that they aim to promote a better lifestyle. An essential part of this is the realization that you won’t do something that you don’t enjoy. The training sessions are designed in a way to challenge you enough without breaking your spirit. Anyone can sign up for a weight loss bootcamp retreat – you don’t need to be a professional athlete to do so! Highly prepared personal trainers have years of experience and can adjust the exercise sessions to suit everyone’s needs and level of fitness. Usually groups are purposefully kept small in size, so as to create a friendly environment where no one is being judged because of their fitness abilities.

Fitness Training Camps in Andalucia - Beach trainingOkay then… You want to lose some weight, to look and feel better, but perhaps you are wondering why you should “sacrifice” your holiday on training instead of signing up for the local fitness centre. The reason for this is simple – persistence. Our busy modern lifestyle often makes us apt to changing our schedule day to day and adjusting it to the needs of others. But let’s face it, fitness and health is something that you need to do for yourself, and it often gets pushed back in your timetable because of other “priorities”. Going on a bootcamp retreat ensures that you will have your whole time focused on yourself and your wellbeing without any other distractions in your way. You follow the training schedule with your new friends, you eat healthily, and you give your mind a chance to rest.

Another important point about bootcamp holidays is that even though you are never starving, you are kept on a vigorously healthy diet. Dieting alone will not bring you much weight loss, but a good combination of exercise and well-chosen food is guaranteed to do the trick.

Lastly, it is important to remember that even though bootcamp retreats are designed to make you fitter, it’s your inner peace that we are most concerned with. Nowadays many jobs cause a lot of mental stress and wouldn’t it be nice if you could give your mind a bit of rest as well? After all, when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!

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