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Wouldn’t it be amazing to visit the place that inspired the creation of iconic stories such as Carmen and Don Juan? A beautiful, warm and charming place that offers something to each of its visitors. Andalusia is just that.

The Torre del Oro in SevilleEveryone can find something to fall in love with in Andalusia. Whether it’s the long golden beaches or the beautiful mountain ranges, you will find something to like. It is estimated that there are about 3000 hours of sun yearly in Andalusia, allowing you to enjoy a hot day on the coast of either the Atlantic Ocean or of the Mediterranean Sea (through the strait of Gibraltar), as both are to be found in Andalusia. The beaches are some of the most outstanding in Europe and have achieved as many as ninety-eight blue flags (an award organized by the ADEAC and WTO assessing beaches by a set criteria to guarantee hygiene, safety, accessibility, and lifeguard).  You can also go surfing in Tarifa and enjoy some of the best surfing conditions in the whole of Europe, or you can visit the natural ports by the sea. If you are rather a fan of winter sports, you won’t be bored either – you can go skiing Sierra Nevada.

In the pure and truly original spirit of sunny Spain, you can watch the most stunning Flamenco performances. Andalusia is rich on folklore and art and has preserved its authenticity throughout the years. Its capital, Seville, is the third largest city in Spain, and it is home to some breathtaking architectural wonders like the Arabian bell tower, Giralda, which is also the city’s main landmark, the Torre del Oro cathedral, and the old district Barrio Santa Cruz, among others. You will also be impressed by the rich history of Cordoba, and the Great Mosque of Cordoba is a must on your to-see list. If you have headed for the mountains, don’t miss a quick visit to Granada, the Moorish Jewel. It is located at the foot of snowy Sierra Nevada and is famous for the Arabian palace Alhambra.

If you are fascinated by history you should definitely visit Huelva; from its port, Palos de la Frontera, Christopher Columbus started his famous journey, which resulted in the discovering of the New World.

In January 2014, the Finnish magazine Mondo named Cadiz as the best place for family holidays, and has called Andalusia “a small wonder in Spain”. The magazine’s decision was based entirely on traveler’s experience, and Mondo makes a big point of the kilometers of beach with fine sand and desert dunes, which is a surfing paradise.




For those planning to stay longer in Andalusia, you can enjoy some of the beautiful Vías Verdes (the Spanish green ways), which are former railway lines turned into beautiful and ecologically friendly walking areas. Andalusia also offers golf schools for anyone, whether you are beginner or professional. You can schedule lessons with professional golf instructors that will take you to some breathtaking locations.

Whatever your dream holiday is, you can have it in Andalusia. Enjoy your trip!

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