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Terms and Conditions of Partnership. Please read carefully.

Awaken Holidays have carefully selected a limited number of holidays/venues (Partners) to appear on the holiday web portal -

Your holiday/venue is one of few that we feel is perfect to be featured and marketed via Awaken Holidays. To ensure our Partnership delivers quality enquiries to you, it is important that the following are understood and agreed:

Responsibilities of Awaken Holidays

  • To advertise holidays/venues of selected Partners using supplied copy and images approved by the Partner in the category most appropriate to the Partner.
  • To update/amend a Partners advert promptly when requested by the Partner.
  • To immediately forward enquiries generated from Awaken Holidays directly to a Partner. Awaken will keep a copy of enquiries generated and will randomly contact the client to assess whether they have confirmed and booked a holiday with the Partner.
  • To maintain a regular dialogue with our Partners and to resolve any issues efficiently.
  • To actively promote/market Partners holidays/venue using a variety of mediums.
  • To ensure holidays/venues featured on Awaken Holidays are of high quality.

Holiday Payments and Fees

  • Payment for a holiday will be made directly between the client and the Partner. Awaken Holidays are not involved with collecting and passing holiday payments from clients to Partners.
  • When a client has booked a holiday with a Partner, Awaken Holidays will submit an invoice at the commencement of the holiday to the Partner for 10% for the total cost of the holiday. Invoices will be in Pounds Sterling and are payable in Pounds Sterling to the Awaken Holidays UK bank account via transfer or via PayPal.
  • Awaken Holidays invoices must be paid by the Partner within 30 days of the invoice being raised.
  • Partners are to cover the cost of bank charges where applicable.

Responsibilities of Partners

  • Partners will be required to approve their holiday pages on Awaken Holidays before they are made live on the website and promoted elsewhere. It is your responsibility to check for errors and inaccuracies.
  • To advise Awaken Holidays promptly via email ( of amendments and price changes to the holidays featured on Awaken Holidays.
    NB. Amendments and price changes will not apply to holidays already booked and confirmed by a client. Awaken Holidays nor their clients, can be held accountable for any shortfall in pricing that appears on a Partners webpage/s on Awaken Holidays where the Partner did not advise Awaken Holidays of price changes/amendments.
  • Respond promptly to enquiries generated by clients from Awaken Holidays. We are sure Partners agree that a prompt response to an enquiry dramatically increases the chance of converting the enquiry into a booking.
  • Confirm to Awaken Holidays promptly via email ( when an enquiry generated via Awaken Holidays converts into a confirmed booking.
  • To ensure the images used on Awaken Holidays are an honest and accurate representation of the Partners holidays/venue.
  • It is the Partners responsibility to ensure that all images used on their holiday pages do not infringe copyright and that all royalty fees are paid for, if applicable. Awaken Holidays will not be held responsible for any copyright issues.
  • To allow Awaken Holidays to use these images in the marketing of the Partners holidays/venues on Awaken Holidays and in the promotion of the Awaken Holidays website (for example in Social Media).
  • Agree that Awaken Holidays are not responsible or liable for inaccurate descriptions describing the holiday/venue that appears on the Partners webpages on Awaken Holidays.
  • To provide clients with the holiday package/services as described in their advert on Awaken Holidays. In the event of the Partner not being able to offer the same package, the Partner must offer the client either, the option to cancel their holiday with reimbursement or allow the client to approve an alternative package. Any price difference in the package must be discussed and approved by client prior to holiday commencement.
  • Guarantee that it has, and will at all times, maintain all appropriate insurance policies, including public liability insurance to cover any liabilities of the Partner arising out of the provision of service and/or products.
  • Partners agree that Awaken Holidays are not responsible or liable for the deliverance of the holidays/venue promoted on Awaken Holidays.
  • Agree to pay Awaken Holidays a fee of 10% for the total cost of each confirmed booking generated via the Awaken Holidays website. Invoices will be submitted to the Partner at the commencement of the clients holiday. On occasions a client may enquire directly with a Partner together with submitting an enquiry via Awaken Holidays. In this instance, a copy of the email from the client must be provided to Awaken Holidays to verify the date when the client first made contact. If the date is earlier than when the enquiry was generated from Awaken Holidays, the Partner is absolved from paying Awaken Holidays the 10% fee.
  • Partners who fail to declare bookings or settle invoices within 30 days will result in having their holiday/venue removed from the Awaken Holidays website.

If a Partner fails to comply with these responsibilities their pages may be removed from the Awaken Holidays website until such time when any issues have been rectified.

This contract will be automatically renewed on the 31st of December of each calendar year until the 31st of December of the following year.

Any and all litigation arising from the interpretation or enforcement of this contract shall be permanently settled before the competent courts of the city of Alicante, Spain.

For and on behalf of the Partner: