Why advertise your holidays on Awaken Holidays?


  • There is a no annual fee

  • A one off sign up fee of 25 pounds/30 Euros per holiday for upto 3 holidays with their own dedicated page, then just 10% commission on any confirmed booking to advertise your holidays

  • We also offer a ´featured holiday´ front page promotion for one year per holiday for an additional 75 pounds/90 Euros per year

  • No limit to the number of enquiries you are sent

  • We have a highly skilled SEO and media marketing team


How does Awaken Holidays work?

Awaken Holidays list and promote your holidays and you receive enquiries direct from interested clients. We keep a record of all enquiries generated from your pages and you inform us when a booking has been made. Awaken Holidays will invoice you 10% of the holiday value once you have confirmed the booking, As holiday providers ourselves we know that 10% is excellent value and please Remember, the quicker that you can answer enquiries the more chance you have of getting a successful booking.

How are your pages made?

At present, we send you a form via email that you fill in with all the information for your holiday page or pages. This form follows the structure of our website and is very simple to use. If you have images of a decent size and quality on your own website we shall retrieve them for use on your holiday page, otherwise we shall ask you to email us up to 10 photographs that you wish to be displayed. After we have created the page for you on Awaken Holidays, we will send you a private preview link to your holiday pages for you to check them before we make them live and begin promotion.**

How do we promote your holidays?

Your holidays are promoted via intelligent search engine optimization (SEO), on social media platforms such as Facebook, regular Tweeting and write interesting newsletters to our website visitors. We also ensure that every holiday placed on Awaken Holidays gets the same exposure, unless as an advertiser you choose to pay extra for exposure in our Featured Holidays section or in competitions, etc.

  • We also offer a ´featured holiday´ front page promotion for one year per holiday for an additional 75 pounds per year


Remember! There are no limits to the number of enquiries you will receive... we simply ask for your acceptance to pay us 10% of the holiday value when our clients confirm a booking with you.

Here you can pay by credit/debit card for your page set up Fee. 

One page set up fee
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If you are interested but would like to see our Partnership Agreement before commencing, please do.


So what are you waiting for? Get your holiday or retreat on Awaken Holidays and start filling those holiday spaces now! Simply contact us using the following form and we shall get back to you very quickly.

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**Please note: We cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies that appear on your listing. It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to be made via email to info@awakenholidays.com.