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Wild Spirit Retreat, Portugal

Carrapateira – Aljezur, Portugal, Portugal   (Holiday ref: AH140019)
4 nights/5days, from €390 Euros

Wild spirit is a truly powerful retreat for liberating the being that exists in each one of us. All of mankind should experience this process. I am sure that the world would be a lot more human if they did.


WILD SPIRIT RETREAT- THE MAGIC OF BEING 1st November - 4th November 2017


Wild Spirit Retreat is a journey to connect to our spirit and reawaken magic in our lives. 4 days where we connect to the healing power of nature. 4 days to bring back balance and ecstasy into our life.

In this retreat you will begin a profound journey towards yourself.

During these days you will have the opportunity to experience and learn from the qualities of the Earth, Water, Air and Fire that throughout time have been the guides and masters in the evolution of human consciousness. The magic happens when you integrate the 4 elements within yourself.

Wild Spirit Retreat brings together the teachings of ancestral rituals and contemporary therapeutic techniques creating the setting for a complete process for awakening. More than anything, this wild spirit retreat is about the priveledge of creating space for yourself.

This retreat will support generating vitality at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

You will dissolve limiting beliefs and transcend internal obstacles.

You will make positive changes in your life and create space for your inner healing.

We have a tendency to value one part of ourselves often forgetting about the other parts. In the society we live in there is great emphasis in the power of the mind and a disregard for the wisdom of the heart and of intuituion. These tendencies create divisions within ourselves. In Wild Spirit Retreat we will re-establish our inner balance.

The magic happens when you integrate the 4 elements within yourself.

  • The Earth that grounds us and connects us to matter, to our body, leaving us reinvigorated and energized.
  • The Water that awakens us and teaches us how to flow in life bringing consciousness to our emotional being, teaching us that our emotions can be our most powerful allies.
  • The Air that purifies and governs our mental clarity, bringing us inspiration and focus in our life.
  • The Fire that warms our soul and kindles our spirit, teaching us to be bold, allowing for us to access the unlimited potential of life that we are.



wild spirit retreat

Kalid created this retreat based on years of experience of his own inner quest and awakening and from the work he has developed with human beings all over the world. Wild Spirit Retreat brings together the most precious tools he has gathered in his life.

With the intention of inspiring people and companies to manifest their dreams and goals, Kalid generously shares all he has learnt over the years with everyone that crosses his path.

His journey took him to study, learn and practice with excellent therapists all over world that are related to Osho, Meditation, Shamanism, Trance Dance, Firewalking, Healing, Breath Work, Bioenergetics and Emotional Expression. He combines the teachings of ancient rituals with powerful contemporary processes. The retreats he offers are energetic and profound. They can be participated by everyone and open the doors for deep transformations.

“My intention is to share my heart and to guide you on the greatest adventure of your life.. the journey towards yourself”


Dates and Prices

Wild Spirit Retreat date & prices


  • November 1st -November 4th 2017

Retreat Course Price

  • 390 Euros before the 01st August & 490 Euros after the 1st August

Accommodation 6 Meals

  • Double Bedroom: 300€
  • Triple or Quadruple Bedroom: 260€

The price includes 4 nights (arriving Tuesday night and leaving on Saturday late afternoon) and all meals (breakfast on Wednesday to lunch on Saturday)


Monte Velho is a very special place because of its natural beauty and setting. We can easily feel the strength of the elements and have the space to immerse ourselves in nature. This place is chosen especially for the Wild Spirit because here we are held by nature in a very generous and inviting way. The magic of Wild Spirit is tied strongly to being connected to nature and to the elements and here that experience is unique.

wild spirit retreat


wild spirit retreat

There are no words that can describe the power of Wild Spirit! All I know is that before I was very afraid of facing my fears and I thought I knew how to love… Today I have not lost all my fears but i have the will to face them head on and with my chest wide open! Before I took the road for the retreat I read a few sharings and I thought to myself: it must be powerful but it is a bit too much to say that this process changed their life… Today i feel those words I read are not enough to describe this experience. If you want to know yourself and to try to conquer the limits imposed on you by society you don’t need to go to India or to the Amazon looking for other world experiences. Here in Portugal you have what you are looking for!

João Wandschneider


I have participated in many workshops in many different countries and I have never seen a Wild Spirit… it is a mix of many different traditions that is put together so well that it allows for a deep inner journey in a constant celebration of life. I reccommend it for people that are taking their first steps in their inner journey and also to those that have engaded in deep transformational processes. From the spiritual teenager to the Dalai Lama… Be yourself…Be Wild!


There are no words! It is one of the richest experiences available, it is the nectar of nectars! If you want to feel alive, ALIVE in each pore of your existence then GO and be WILD!!!!

In my journey of discovery and personal evolution, many are the people I know that have been a part of this spiralling journey that will stay with me beyond my life, one of the most impacting experiences ever: WILD SPIRIT, The magic of Being! i am absolutely an unconditional fan of the mastery and of the people that with all their heart give and share the best they have, great references, great masters that bring us ancestral wisdom: for me, the best therapists that we have: Kalid, Satya, Sundari and all the INJOY team: I feel deeply grateful. I like the best, I like quality, I like authenticity; I like openess, I like to nurture admiration, I like to be bold, I like to go beyond my comfort zone, I like to learn, I like to dwell deeply in the issues, I like people that walk their talk and work on themselves. Believe me when I say that you will want to be there! They are the best!!!

Ana Cristina GuilhermeVanessa Rebelo

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