Sri Lankan beach

Top 5 Romantic Places in Sri Lanka

Are you planning a romantic getaway to Sri Lanka? Check out these 5 destinations which have unspoilt beauty, serene sites, and tranquil destinations – this is, without a doubt, the best way to experience Sri Lanka. As an ideal romantic … Continued

Dream Destinations on Awaken Holidays

What’s your dream destination?

  Have you ever been scuba diving in Indonesia? Kayaking in Vietnam? Climbing in Morocco? Practiced yoga and meditation in Sri Lanka? Not many people have, but most of us often dream of doing amazing things like these in exotic … Continued

The Sierra Nevada

Amazing Andalusia

  Wouldn’t it be amazing to visit the place that inspired the creation of iconic stories such as Carmen and Don Juan? A beautiful, warm and charming place that offers something to each of its visitors. Andalusia is just that. … Continued

Why go on a Walking Holiday?

Why go on a Walking Holiday?

Everybody knows that getting any kind of exercise is good for you. According to Doctor Mike Evans who specializes in preventive medicine, the number one best exercise that you can get to prevent many health conditions, and even to prolong … Continued

Enjoying a Healthy Holiday

Healthy Holidays

Take a Health Holiday Today! Taking care of our health is something we all know to be of great importance, but which, unfortunately, often gets pushed to the side by our everyday duties. The fast pace of the modern-day style … Continued