Sufi Retreat in Turkey - Traditional Turkish village home

Sufi Retreat in Turkey

Bodrum, Aegean Coast, Turkey   (Holiday ref: AH130114)
4 or 8 days, from 750 USD

Come to Turkey for a superb 4 or 8 days on this wonderful Sufi Retreat. Experience life as the Turkish do, in traditional accommodation, eating tasty food and enjoying Turkish music and dance.

We all need a break from the daily stresses of life and this is what we offer at our Sufi Retreat Holiday in Gokpinar, a peaceful little village close to Bodrum in Turkey.

At our retreat in the mountains we offer the chance for you to be free from the daily grind of your regular life. Wake up in the mornings on a hilltop offering surrounded on all sides by wonderful views. Breath in the fresh air, experience the tranquility and the quiet sounds of nature and bird life. Breath in deeply and you will smells the aromas of a great breakfast being prepared for you too!

Turkey is an amazing country with ancient roots. It possesses a culture that is becoming harder to authentically experience, especially as tourists flock to the coast and larger cities. Ten years ago we set up the Gokpinar Retreat Center for people who still wish to experience Turkey as the Turkish do; in their homes, their villages, and their communities.

We eat vegetables organically grown in our own garden. We bake and eat our own bread. We visit local village markets to select the freshest ingredients for the traditional food that you will enjoy whilst you stay here. We are surrounded by unspoilt nature and we spend our free time enjoy traditional Turkish music, dancing, wines, and great conversation!

We have been in the travel business and guiding for almost 20 years and we know that people often require peace and calm in their lives as much as they need to see different places. We provide you with an experience that is something off the beaten touristic path. We offer you the experience to live a simple and peaceful sufi life, if only for a short while.

The Retreat Center where we hold our Sufism Retreat Holidays is a place for people who wish to listen to themselves,. For people who want to come to themselves. For people who need space. There are no crowded tourist resort nearby to break the peaceful nature of the area. The nearest crowded tourist town is 30 minutes drive from us by distance and a world away from our daily lives.

Our Retreat Center is not a hotel, neither is it a camping site. It is a traditionally stone built, rustic mountain countryside Turkish village home and we are your Turkish friends, keen to welcome you and provide you with warm hospitality. We provide simple, clean accommodation and clean sheets, hot showers and warm hearts! On this Sufi retreat you will share our food, our music, our dance and our life! You will experience a traditional and happiness-filled Turkish life, just as we do.

On your Sufi Retreat you will join us as we dance and play traditional sufi music, and we invite you to join with us on picnics to some of the stunning secluded bays of the Aegean coast. In this relaxing atmosphere we have time to listen to each other, chat to each other and find solutions to those problems in our lives that need some time and space to overcome. Come here to relax and share your thoughts with open-minded and open-hearted people. Spend time living and experiencing the life of Turkish farmers, children, craftsmen and villagers. There are no 'training' sessions or 'lifestyle' classes, but there is the life itself that you will enjoy and learn from!

Come experience the unique style, the music, the taste, the laughter of life in Turkey. Come to Gokpinar where sufism comes to you... We are waiting for you in Gokpinar!

Dates and Prices

Sufi Retreat in Turkey Dates 2016


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Our Sufi Retreat holidays in Turkey run all year round for individuals and small groups with a duration of 4 or 8 days. We only host a maximum of 12 people at any one time as small numbers make for more authentic experiences.


Sufi Retreat in Turkey Prices – 8 days / 7 nights

Price: 1175 USD per person in double room – 200 USD single supplement

Price includes:

  • Airport transfers from Milas-Bodrum International Airport
  • All accommodation
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • An all day free tea and coffee service
  • Sufi and Turkish folk rhythm classes
  • Trips to nearby villages and beaches


Sufi Retreat in Turkey Prices – 4 days / 3 nights

Price: 750 USD per person in a double room

Single accommodation may be available and a supplement will apply. Please use the enquire now button above to request more information.

Price includes:

  • Airport transfers from Milas-Bodrum International Airport
  • All accommodation
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • An all day free tea and coffee service
  • Sufi and Turkish folk rhythm classes
  • Trips to nearby villages and beaches


Prices for either duration do not include:

  • Flights to Milas-Bodrum Airport
  • Optional tours to nearby sites can be arranged at extra cost


Our fantastic Retreat Center is located in Gokpinar, a delightful little village on the Aegean Coast of Turkey.

We are located on a hilltop that is surrounded on all sides by gorgeous views of rolling countryside and a lovely vista down to the traditional Turkish village that you are sure to adore.

The Retreat Center is perfectly located for traveling to, being just twenty minutes’ drive from Bodrum International Airport. We are also only 15 minutes drive from some of the best beaches in the area.

From the Retreat Center in Gokpinar you will never be far from some of the best tourist attractions in Turkey, such as:

EUROMOS (45km) – Located between the city of Milas and lovely Bafa Lake, Euromos Temple, built in the 2nd century A.D., is known to be one of the best-preserved temples in Asia Minor.

BODRUM – Halicarnassus (30 km) – Herodotus, the “Father of History”, was born in Halicarnassus. There is much history and lore to be discovered in Bodrum and today it is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Bodrum is well known for its excellent beaches, history and nightlife.

PRIENE – The name “Priene” is thought to have pre-Grecian origins. Before becoming one of the 12 members of the Ionian Confederation and participating in the “Ionian Rebellion”, Priene had been under Lydian dominion for several centuries.

MILETOS – Miletos, one of the oldest cities of IoniaIt. I was a city  full of many great scientists and philosophers, such as Thales, Anaximander, Hekataios, and Isidorus, the architect of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Miletos’ alphabet was recognized in the Greek world as the official Greek alphabet, and this is the basis of the current Latin alphabet.

DIDYMA (Apollonian Temple) – The temple in Didyma was famous throughout the Greek world for its oracles. It surpassed even the reputation of Delphi. As a result of this, the harbor of Panamos, near Didyma, became very busy as it became frequently visited by scores of wealthy people, military commanders, common folk and visitors who flocked to this area to learn their future from the priests of the temple.

IASOS (35km) – As one of the most important sites in the region of Caria, the history of Iasos dates back to 3000 BC. The city was once situated on an island, but now it is joined to the mainland, creating a peninsula. The people of ancient Iasos made their money from fishing, a tradition that continues to this day.

EPHESUS (180km) – Ephesus was once the most important commercial center of Western Anatolia, and now it is one of the highlights for tourists exploring Turkey. Prized for its strategic location on an Anatolian trade route, the city of Ephesus was one of the world’s foremost cities. Its significance in the history of world religion is greatly known, attracting thousands of travelers yearly.

PAMUKKALE (220km) – Hierapolis, the ancient city at Pamukkale, is famous for its thermal springs. It was originally frequented by people from nearby cities as its waters’ properties were known for curing many illnesses. From the time of 3 BC, the fame of Hierapolis spread, leading to migrations which began locally and increased as its popularity rivaled the city of Laodicea.


Accommodation at our Retreat Center in Gokpinar

You will be staying in comfortable and airy guest rooms that have wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.

The house is newly redecorated, but its life and foundation is as a traditional village house and we provide 6 bright, airy bedrooms, sharing 2 bathrooms with 24-hour hot water.

Each bedroom is decorated in the traditional Turkish style, with kilims created locally beautifully covering the floors and walls. We have both double and single beds available for use.

Our roof is covered with a nomadic style tent for relaxing  and sleeping under stars, which are welcome to do on the mild nights that we frequently enjoy here. The land surrounding our hilltop house has spectacular views, and the tree houses and garden rooms are ideal for relaxing in the natural delights of the Turkish countryside.

At our Retreat Center in Gokpinar you will discover a place bursting with vibrancy and one that has the special, warm welcome of Turkish hospitality!

Other Information


The international Milas-Bodrum BJV airport is 30 minutes drive away from the Center at Gokpinar.

There are charter flights between May / October from Europe & UK, and Turkish and other airlines fly all year around to Bodrum via Istanbul.

Most nationalities need a VISA for entry to Turkey, and these can be purchased on arrival. For British citizens it costs £10, and for US citizens the cost is $20 USD.

“A wonderful place to relax and see a slice of ‘real’ Turkey. Great company, too much wonderful Turkish food and a lovely atmosphere. My fifth time in Turkey but still so many new things to experience and I take away some beautiful memories.”

Fiona Wilson, UK


“What a wonderful place you have here! We were so lucky to have met you and I do hope to return at some time in the future. The meals cooked for us have all been delicious. We have been looked after so well. Tesekkur ederim to you and all. We will miss you… until the next time. With Love.”

Gillian, Scotland


“This is truly a life changing.Thank you for my lovely stay at Gokpinar! It introduced me to so much Turkish life and challenged me to find the similarities and differences in our cultures.Thank you.”

Mary Egan, Albany, New York


“Thank you for two weeks of relaxed fun in the sun in lovely Gokpinar. We are sad to leave this amazing retreat and yet excited about the beautiful connections we have made. Our favourite moments include dancing and drumming with your family, eating authentic Turkish meals and sipping Raki; and long discussions about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Best luck in your endeavors. They come from a good place and will bear fruit. Peace.”

John and Ashley, Chicago

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